École Polytechnique unveiled two movies designed to increase its international recruitement in its various programs.

The first movie aims at raising students-to-be interest while the second one, in cartoon form, presents École Polytechnique curricula and its academic environnement.

The first film, the character animation movie, presents École Polytechnique curriculum plethora throughout a freshman learning path, the diversity of its courses closely linked to research and innovation and its campus life. The character discovers subjects he will be taught at École Polytechique, the possibility he’s given to develop individual and group projects as well as various cultural and artistic activities he can enjoy on the campus.

This video was thought of as a complementary communications tool that would be released during shows and conferences worldwide. It should also help students introducing École Polytechnique abroad to companies, high-schools, and partner universities.

The second short-movie involves the spectator in a journey with three characters throughout an unknown place. After a long walk in the woods, three yound adults face a huge building taking shape out of the fog on the other side of a lake. The trio goes through corridors, laboratories and a fab-lab until they find out one of École Polytechnique identity components: the Grand Uniforme. They put it on, as it is a symbol of École Polytechnique before meeting other students for a group picture. Each of them wonders their future at École Polytechnique and the challenges they will achieve as researchers, entrepreneurs or innovators.

The first part of the movie presents a world standing on the borderline between odd and magic and plays with fantasy codes. Unlike the usual atmosphere linked to l’X, this world addresses high school and university students capable of identifying to the characters and the universe.

In the second part, the characters contemplate a future rooted in reality. The film unveils the opportunities students are given throughout their studies at École Polytechnique to become the engineers, researchers and innovators who will change the world. The very last word: "Make the extraordinary", sends a strong message to future candidates: thanks to various curricula of l'X, they will make their dreams come true and complete the most extraordinary projects.

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