Please note this list is indicative of the structure of the degree and may be subject to change.

Année 1

Period 1 (Sept-Dec)


IoT Refresher

Core Courses

INF530 - Practical C and Java Programming, Algorithms, and Data Structure (4ECTS)
INF533 - IoT Workshops (3ECTS
INF557 - From the Internet to the IoT – The Fundamentals of Modern Computer (4ECTS
MIE554 - Business Models in the Digital Era (4ECTS
MIE555 - Fundamentals of Strategy & Innovation (4ECTS
PHY559A - Digital and Analog Electronics (4ECTS)

HFC553 - Culture & Technology
(1,5 ECTS)

Period 2 (Jan-March)

INF535 - IoT Workshops (7ECTS)
INF545 - Independent IoT Project
INF566 - From Fundamentals to Reality – How the Internet Really Works, and How to M
ake It Better (4ECTS)
MIE567 - Corporate Finance for Entrepreneurs

Humanities & French Culture (1.5ECTS)

Period 1 & 2

INF536-SEM – IoT Seminars (1 ECTS per period)

Sports (2ECTS)

Languages (3ECTS)

Period 3 (March-Aug)

INF590 - 4 month research or industrial internship (18 ECTS)

Année 2

While they all follow the same classes in year 1, students benefit from a lot of flexibility during year 2. They get to pick among a large number of classes offered at l'X, as long as the balance between scientific and economics/entrepreneurship classes is respected. Below is a list of the suggested classes:


Period 1 (Sept-Dec)

INF569 - Cyber-Physical Systems (4ECTS)
INF559 - A Programmer’s Introduction to Computer Architectures and Operating (4ECTS)

INF553 - Database Management Systems (4ECTS)
MIE556 - Marketing and Strategy Introduction

INF635 - Independent IoT Project (4ECTS)

Period 2 (Jan-March)

ECO588 – Digital Economics (4ECTS)
MIE564 – Technology-Based Entrepreneurship and New Business Creation (4ECTS)
INF586 Network Security (4ECTS)
PHY564D – Sensors and Transtucers: From Macro to Nano (4ECTS)

MAP569 – Machine learning II

INF645 – IoT Project & Workshops (7ECTS)

Period 1 & 2

INF536-SEM – IoT Seminars (4 ECTS)
One Foreign language module (French language module for non-speaking students) (3 ECTS)

Two modules of Humanities and French Courses (3 ECTS)

Sport (2 ECTS)

Period 3 (March-Aug)

INF690 4 to 5 month research or industrial internship (20 ECTS)