Meet Marie-Laure Allain, program director

Marie-Laure Allain

Marie-Laure Allain is research director at CNRS and professor of economics at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris.

After a PhD at CREST,  she became a research fellow at CNRS.

Marie-Laure Allain’s area of research include industrial organization and competition policy,  with a focus on vertical relations between producers and retailers, mergers and cartels.  She has provided economic expertise about mergers and the regulation of vertical relations  before the French Competition Authority and the Ministry of Economics and Finance.

Scientific and Economics classes

Marie-Laure Allain | Industrial Organization

Nina Amini | Financial Decisions under Risk 2

Franck Bancel | Corporate Finance, advanced corporate finance

Christian Belzil | Econometrics II

Jean-Marc Bourgeon | Financial Decisions under Risk 1

Marc Bourreau | Digital Economics

Pierre Boyer | Market Design

Claire Chambolle | Firms and Markets

Cécile Chamaret | Fundamentals of Strategy and Innovation

Patricia Crifo | Lecture Series in Finance and Economics

Xavier D'Haultfoeuille | Econometrics I

Romain De Nijs | Competition Policy, New Technologies and Sharing Economy

Philippe Février | Business Economics, Econometrics of Competition

Benjamin Forestier | Case studies in corporate finance

Philippe Ginier-Gillet | Case Studies on Innovation      

Fanny Henriet | Environmental economics

Guillaume Hollard | Financial Decisions under Risk 1, Behavioral Finance, Behavioral Finance, Lecture Series in Finance and Economics

Yukio Koriyama | Market Design

Xavier Lazarus | Valuation of Start-ups

Benjamin Lehiany | Introduction to Marketing and Strategy

Remi Maniak | Business Simulation

Geoffrey Masters Barrows | Industrial Organization

Guy Meunier | Supply Chains

Pierre Picard | Corporate Finance

Julien Prat | Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Thierry Rayna | Business Models in the Digital Era

Benoit Schmutz | Urban Economics and Real Estate, Research Project or Internship at a Company

Omar Sene | Refresher in Econometrics

David Sévy | Competition Policy

Anna Simoni | Big data, Bayesian Methods for Marketing, Econometrics II

Philippe Tibi | Financial Markets

Walter Vejdovsky | Sectorial Strategic Simulation

Thibaud Vergé | Competition Policy in Practice, New Technologies and Sharing Economy

Ban Zheng | Financial Decisions under Risk 2

Humanities, languages, sports, personal development, management

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