Please note this list is indicative of the structure of the degree and may be subject to change.

Year 1 (70 ECTS)

Period 1 (Mid-September to Mid-December)

Two Refresher Courses
MAP530 Probability Refresher
MAP532 Mathematical foundations of data science  

Four Mandatory Courses: 4 x 4ECTS
MAP531 Statistics with R
MAP534 Machine Learning 1
MAP535 Regression
MAP536 Python for Data Science

Period 2 (January to March)

Two mandatory courses: 2 x 4ECTS
MAP541 Machine Learning II (4ECTS)
MAP545 Optimization / Deep Learning (4ECTS)                        
One elective scientific course: 1 x 4 ECTS
MAP540 Capgemini DataCamp Projects
MAP544 Carrefour DataCamp Projects

Transverse courses (Mid-September to March)

Two mandatory scientific courses: 7 ECTS
MAP543 Database Management (4ECTS)                                                                           
MAP547 Data Science for Business Seminars (3ECTS)

  • Two modules of Humanities and French Culture (HFC) (1.5 ECTS per semester)
  • Sport activities: 2 ECTS
  • Language (French as a Foreign Language, or other): 3 ECTS

Period 3 (March to July/August)

16-week research or industrial internship (MAP596A/B) (27 ECTS)

Year 2

Core Courses
- Introductory Supercase
- Digital Transformation Strategy
- Making sense of the technology ecosystem
- Regulations and Compliance in Data Science
- Data Analytics for Business Strategy
- Deep Learning
- Time Series and Financial Data, Etc.

Business Challenges
- Data I and II
- Entrepreneurship


3 Tracks
- Data Manager: Joining a data science department of a company
- Data Entrepreneur: Joining the HEC Startup Launchpad and creating a startup
- Data Consultant: Joining a consulting firm to help clients develop business by leveraging data

Learning Expeditions
- New York
- London

Research Paper